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Scion TRD Springs

The genuine Scion TRD springs is designed specifically for your Scion vehicle to provide you with original equipment performance. The key to good handling is a well-tuned suspension. The components that actually do the "suspending" are the springs. All else being equal, a stiffly-sprung vehicle handles better than one with softer springs. In the real world of highway driving, stiff springs, which are great for handling, provide too harsh of a ride, and soft springs for comfort don`t provide the handling enthusiasts demand. As a solution, TRD offers progressive-rate coil springs. Over irregular road surfaces, the lower-rate coils of a progressive-rate spring compress first allowing a more compliant, softer ride. As the force on the spring increases, like when rounding a corner, the higher-rate coils provide a progressively stiffer ride. The result is better handling and a tighter grip with little compromise in ride quality. And, lowered cars look better and faster. TRD offers a wide variety of progressive-rate springs so you can select the right spring package to fit your needs. Some are designed to work with your vehicle`s stock suspension while others are designed to work in conjunction with other TRD high-performance suspension components. All TRD coil springs are manufactured from high quality chrome-silicon wire and powder coated, and all are designed to lower the vehicle, usually from 1" to 1.125". We have the Scion TRD springs you are looking for at a discount price you will like. Visit our secure online catalog or click on "Contact Us" to send us a request and we will get back to you with information on the Scion TRD springs or other genuine parts or accessories you might need.

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